CSL / NDG / Rive-Sud


The AS Dynamo’s (soccer academy in NDG/CSL area) program was created by our qualified soccer coaches who played professionally in different European pro-football teams. Our unique program was designed for players of all levels, aged 4 to 15 years old! The sessions are 8 weeks long, once or twice per week and the program runs year-round, indoor and outdoor!

Program descriptions

Players will be divided by their age groups, level and technical abilities. The trainings are 1h in length, once or twice per week.

During the practices, players will learn :

  • Ball control
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Ball mastery
  • Agility and speed

Each practice will start with warm-up exercises, followed by skills trainings and then end with a game.

With our program, players learn, develop and grow while having fun!

The purchase of the club’s uniform is mandatory (includes shirt, shorts and socks).