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Welcome to Association Sportive Dynamo

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Sports Association Dynamo is a sports academy that offers two sports disciplines for kids aged 4 to 15 : rhythmic gymnastics and soccer. The academy was founded in 2010 by professional trainers that wanted to offer kids a high level of education in a fun and professional environment.

Due to our different programs that were built with European teaching methods, participants of different levels (beginners or advanced) will have a chance to develop and to succeed as athletes.

The club regularly participates in various sporting events and competitions in Montreal. Athletes show high level of preparation by winning prizes.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic discipline, mainly feminine, combining gymnastics, dance and apparatus handling (rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon). This discipline blends grace, agility, strength, musicality, balance and flexibility. The routines are performed individually or in groups. Read more...


The AS Dynamo’s (soccer club in Montreal NDG area) program was created by our qualified soccer coaches who played professionally in different European pro-football leagues. Our unique program was designed for players of all levels, aged 4 to 15 years old! Read More...

Welcome to our Association Sportive

Registration all year round

Soccer sessions are 12 weeks long, once or twice per week and the program runs year-round, indoor and outdoor!

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Rhythmic gymnastics

Recreational levels
  • Introduction to rhythmic gymnastics, apparatus handling (ball, hoop, rope and ribbon), learning basic
  • Gymnastics movements (pivots, jumps, balances, acrobatic elements and flexibility). Classes are once or twice per week.
  • Boutchoux (4-5 years) , Recreational 1 (6-8 years),  Recreational 2 (9-13 years old)
Regional levels
  • Development and improvement of acquired elements
  • Learning of individual and / or group routines
  • Introduction to competition
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